Fundraising planning

Introduction fundraising planning

Thinking fundraising strategically means that fundraising is incorporated into the processes of the organization and measures are planned for the long term.

For example: How could you incorporate fundraising into the events that you organize or attend?

Fundraising is not an individual task, but a team task. Your whole team should support and be informed about the fundraising activities. Everyone in your team carries the message of your organization to the outside world, that is a great potential.

Even if there is no financial need, fundraising is worthwhile. First of all because additional funds can make it possible, for example, to expand your project and, above all, to plan for the long term. But also because with fundraising you can not only raise money, but also new contacts or expertise that will support your organization in the long term.

Step by step to the fundraising plan

Part of a fundraising plan is to set specific, measurable and realistic goals. There should be a clearly set time frame within which you want to achieve this goal.

What is the specific need for which you want to attract supporters? Requirements can be monetary or e.g. relate to a certain expertise that you need to implement your projects.

Make notes: Which resources do you still need for the implementation of which project activities? If it’s financial resources, what are the predictable costs for them?

Once goals and needs have been defined, the next step is to consider which potential funding agencies (foundations, companies, private individuals, public funding programs) best suit your needs and are the most promising (e.g. because strong networks already exist). How you communicate your needs can then be adapted to the specifics of the target group. Finding multiple sources of funding for your organization creates independence and greater stability.

Finally, you create an action plan in which you plan the individual steps of your fundraising activities and assign responsibilities. The measures with which you have already celebrated successes can of course also be resumed here.

These key questions can guide you through the individual steps towards your fundraising plan.

With one click you can find templates here that can help you develop your fundraising plan.

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