Basic idea of ​​the elevator pitch: Convincing a person in the elevator of your idea: This means a short presentation of your project that should not last longer than 30 seconds to 1 minute. How do you present the project briefly to potential supporters in such a way that you get them intersted?

Preparing to Pitch

In order to develop a convincing pitch, you start with a brainstorming session in which ideas are collected, questions are asked and discussed in the team. Use visualizations for this. You should be able to answer questions about the following aspects: target group, the social problem to be addressed as well as advantages and benefits of the project. It is also helpful to put on the “supporter glasses”: What could be of particular interest to the people to whom you are presenting your project? What questions could they have for your organization?


Here you will find basic information and helpful key questions that can support your process

A good Pitch

Now it’s getting concrete! In the previous section, you made the preparations for developing your pitch.

Here you will learn how to convincingly build up your pitch:

Pitch - Presentation

Convincing visual support can make all the difference between a really successful pitch and a nice presentation of an interesting idea. You learned the basics of the content of a pitch in the previous section.


With one click you can download the template for the presentation here

Together with the team

The team is one of the most important elements in the pitch. Why? Because you have to convince that you have that certain something. So what makes you special about doing this task?


Rehearse your pitch in front of the team:

1st run with one minute

2nd run with 30 seconds

and a 3rd round with 20 seconds.

Ask your listeners:

Which words seemed particularly important to you?

What was it that fascinated you?

Have you been confused at one point?

Done! You have worked on all topics from Module 4.


All right? Test your knowledge and your progress