Digital Communication

What is online fundraising and what are the specifics? You can also find out how and what you communicate via social media channels, how you can design a donation request by email and how you can improve the website of your organization!


Online Fundraising


Online fundraising is fundraising via the internet. This includes, for example, appeals for donations on social media channels or a donation page on your website. Find out what advantages online fundraising has, what options there are and what to consider:

Social Media

Social media – Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter and co – are places where you can reach a wide audience with your messages. Your messages can quickly spread with the help of your supporters. You not only increase your reach, but also your awareness. Social media are interactive. You can open a space for dialogue and exchange and your supporters have a variety of ways to get involved. It is important to manage the social media channels correctly. And of course to publish relevant, creative and authentic content.


Here are a few notes on the basics of social media

Here is a template for planning your social media channels.


The website is your business card on the Internet. Potential supporters visit this page to get information about your vision, projects, your network etc. And when you start a campaign, your website is often the landing page for donors. So what makes a good website? How can you optimize them for your fundraising?

Find out more here about all the important aspects of a well-done website in order to attract supporters.


We all receive emails every day – on our computers or smartphones. This is how we stay informed and in contact. You can reach your supporters quickly and easily with email. Many campaigns are based on emails. You can inform your supporters, motivate them to participate or ask for support. How an email is structured and how its content is prepared determines whether the email is opened and then read.


Here are a few tips for fundraising via email

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