A printed product that you can hold in your hands appeals to the viewer on several sensory levels. With flyers, brochures and posters you achieve a presence in public space and become visible to people who would not have noticed you online. In order to win individual donors  or entrepreneurs  for your projects, a letter or a printed brochure can of course leave a lasting impression.

In the next sections you will find information and templates for various formats of print materials.

In our tutorial you will learn the most important basics for successful communication.

Organization broschure

An organization brochure helps you to give companies and other people interested in your work something that summarizes the most important aspects of your organization.

Take a look at what you should consider in an organization brochure and use the checklist to make sure that you have everything together.

With one click you can download a template here


What makes a good flyer? The design of the flyer should be tailored to your target group in order to attract the attention of the desired audience. In terms of structure, the main thing is that the core information can be captured quickly and that the balance between image and text is correct.

When it comes to the content, it is best to follow the motto: Less is more, because the eye usually just skims. And finally: Don’t forget the final check (typing errors, etc.)!

There are various providers who offer free design tools with which a visually appealing flyer can be designed even without years of experience.


You can find more helpful tips here:

You can find more helpful tips here:


Graphics are well suited to visually illustrate information, communicate impact and convey your concerns to the viewer in an understandable way. There are many different ways to present them (bar and pie charts, tables, etc.).

Check out our tips for creating infographics here:

Convincing photos

WoMan is a visual being. Images are therefore essential to get people to grapple with your own message.

What is a good photo? Much more important than technical perfection in a photo is that it triggers emotions, tells a story and is remembered by the viewer. Photos should always match your overall appearance (consistent visual language / corporate design).


Here you will find helpful tips on what makes a convincing photo:

Impact report

Winning supporters means creating trust. What have you already achieved for your target group with your offers? How did you develop? What is your vision?

All of these questions can be recorded in an impact report. Whether at the end of the year, at the end of a project or as an interim result for the impact your organization has achieved so far. A visually appealing impact report testifies to professionalism and supports you in communicating your project.

Find out how an impact report can be structured.

Donation letter

Have you identified your target group of potential helpers and decided to send a letter to ask for support? A donation letter is your organization’s calling card and how it is structured in terms of form and content decides whether the recipient reads the letter carefully or whether it ends up in the trash quickly.


Here are some key questions that can help you when writing the donation letter.

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