Strategic Networking

Introduction strategic networking

Networking is an investment in the future, because the right network partners can contribute to the sustainable success of your project – provided you have identified and successfully contacted those that are important to you. Here you will learn how to build a valuable network and how network cards can help.

Strategic networking needs to be prepared! Before starting the search for suitable people, you should first consider your own goals and wishes for cooperation.

Network maps

How can network cards reveal hidden resources whose activation can contribute to the success of the project? With network maps you get an overview of all people who have already placed their trust in your organization or would do so.

You can find out how to create a network map here:

Use networks sensibly

Do you already have a valuable network and now want to know how to use contacts skillfully? The right timing for the submission of a request and your own attitude is also essential.

Take a look at our tips and advice!

Here you can find an example template for a contact list

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