How can you strategically build fundraising in your organization? How to create a fundraising plan? Learn how to sharpen your organizational profile, strategically plan fundraising steps and build new partnerships with strategic networking.

How do you recognize strengths, weaknesses and potentials of a project or an organization and how do you make use of them? Also learn how to recognize the impact of your project and set clear goals for your organization! 


Getting individual donors, foundations or entrepreneurs interested in a project – how
does that work? Here you learn how to identify potential supporters and how to
convince them with your project!    


Online campaign, pitch or flyer – what is best-suited option to communicate your project? And how do you create convincing material? Find out here which communication channels make sense for you and how to use them successfully!    

How do I communicate effectively on print material?

How does online fundraising and online communication work?

How do I properly pitch my project to potential supporters?