Non- Profit organizations from the
mariannenplatz district

The facilities listed here have been enriching the neighbourhood for years with their creative, social and cultural offerings.


Curioso – the children’s laboratory is an experimental and learning workshop in Berlin-Kreuzberg. With the method of Discovering Learning, children can do independent research in different topic rooms, try out many materials, learn new skills and find answers to their own questions. The topic of digitisation will also be covered.

a tip: tap

Since 2010, a tip: tap has been campaigning for tap water and against plastic waste. Through successful fundraising, a tip: tap was able to build the first Kiez drinking fountain in Berlin-Neukölln. a tip: tap offers online seminars on tap water. With humorous, clever communication, the association a tip: tap reaches a large number of individuals and organisations on a low-threshold basis. 


The children’s farm on Mauerplatz was established in 1981 as an initiative from the bottom up. The project was set up jointly by people of different nationalities and age groups, for the most part as volunteers.  The farm is an open play and learning place. With animals, vegetables, gardens, playing area and common room. The children’s farm offers pure nature. Both children and adults can learn to take responsibility for themselves, the community and their environment.